Tuesday, 7 November 2017

God made Natural food versus Man made food

God-made food over man-made food.

It is easy to identify some natural food but sometimes it is hard to tell if a food  is natural or man made,  we have outline some  tips below to assist you.

Package foods – Not all but most  are package are man made

Canned foods –  Most probably is a man made, so natural foods are canned but addictive are added to help preserve food which are not healthy for the body.


Man made food is part of the causes of some diseases and ailment many people suffer today in our society.



Heart attacks are the leading cause of death and are mostly caused by poor diet leading to fatty deposits on the arteries. Fatty deposits narrow pathways and lead to heart attacks.

Many diseases we suffer today are as a result of diet and our environment. This have reason since the food industry started producing process food.


Many diseases can be avoided if we stick to the wholesome food that God provided for us to eat. It just takes knowing what to eat and a determination to stick to those foods.


Many man-made foods can be disguised as healthy options. Example


  • Fruit Juice– Fruit is healthy so it’s easy to believe that fruit juice is too. It’s important to know the truth about juice. First, some juices don’t even contain fruit. Instead they are chemically flavored to taste like fruit and sweetened with table sugar. Even juicing a whole fruit removes its fiber, leaving only the fruit’s sugar. It’s always better to eat the whole fruit rather than drink  the juice.


  • Artificial Sugars– Marketed as a healthy alternative, artificial sugars are just chemicals that confuse the body. They are so unhealthy that many countries ban them.


  • Processed Meats– The word processed should throw up a big red flag. These meats are often in a package and are not healthy.


  • Processed Foods Labeled Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Fat-free, or High Protein– Don’t let labels deceive you. Junk food is junk food regardless if it disguised with healthy sounding terminology. For example, if a food is manufactured in a way to be fat free, it often has added sugar to restore its appealing taste.



God made natural food have not been tampered with, these give us the natural nutrient our body require. Our body is able to easily digest any natural occurring food.

God made Natural food versus Man made food

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